Antonia Denardo

Antonia DeNardo, owner of DTV, is known for her unique coaching style and her techniques have proven to accelerate actors’ careers. Her honest and candid approach and feedback can save you time and money while working towards your ultimate goal in the entertainment industry.

Her students have appeared in TV and Film on both the national and world wide scale. The list below highlights a few of their accomplishments.


Lab Rats - Disney TV series (new)
The Neighbors - ABC TV series (new)
Shake It Up - Disney
Baby Daddy - ABC (family pilot)
Pitch Perfect - feature film
Criminal Minds
Grey's Anatomy
iCarly - Nickelodeon
Victorious - Nickelodeon
The Epic Adventures of Bucket & Skinner
CSI: Miami
21 Jumpstreet - Columbia Pictures feature film
I'm in the Band - Disney XD
A Walk in My Shoes - NBC
Beyond the Blackboard - CBS
So Undercover - feature film featuring Miley Cyrus
Bad Kids Go To Hell


Big Bad
The Good Guys
Billion Dollar Freshman
- Disney (pilot)
Lone Star - Fox
Vampires Suck
Jack & Janet Save the Planet - Disney
The Gates
Terminator: Salvation
Get Connected - Disney
Merry Christmas Drake & Josh
Breaking Bad
In Plain Sight

Various shows - Cartoon Network


Mike Tomas

Mike Tomas began his career in the entertainment business as an actor, but has been behind the camera in many capacities now for almost 20 years. He opened a talent agency in Dallas in 1994, The Tomas Agency Inc., which was considered one of the most successful boutique agencies in the Southwest. After selling his agency in 2007, Mike partnered with Antonia DeNardo at DTV and helped develop Millennium Artists. Mike’s background as an agent and actor enables him to share his experiences both on the creative and business side of the entertainment business. At DTV his goal is to prepare the actor for the audition process, as well as for the success and disappointments that are part of being a professional actor. Mike was motivated to get back on the teaching side of the acting business after his experience as an agent left him realizing that too many young actors that had been training for years, were not properly educated. Along with Antonia DeNardo, he is committed to training and developing actors to work at the highest level.