I would not be anywhere in my career without DTV Studios. It is the only place I recommend for training and career guidance. Antonia & Mike are the best of the best. You are in amazing hands at DTV!

-Spencer Boldman

When most people see a roomful of strangers crying together, they assume something terrible has happened. When Antonia DeNardo sees this, she simply claps her hands and says BRAVO! Okay, maybe this is slight hyperbole, but what I can tell you is this — during my adolescent years at DTV studios, I learned to tap into my parts of myself emotionally that deeply strengthened both my abilities as an actor and (dare I say) my own character. I learned to trust myself, to be bold and stand by the choices I make, and that vulnerability is an asset. It seems, as my younger self bumbled around in search of a hobby, in search of a passion, in search of myself — you found me; and guided me towards a path wherein I’d find the answers I’d needed. For that, I’m forever grateful.

-Cameron Deane Stewart

I have been attending DTV Studios for over 10 years and it has been a phenomenal experience for me, not just as an actress, but also as a person. DTV has helped me cultivate the skills I need to succeed in this industry, while teaching me important life lessons that I have taken with me into adulthood, as well. Through DTV, I have accomplished more of my dreams than I could have imagined but still, I am constantly motivated and pushed to set more goals and bring out the best version of myself. Thank you Antonia and Mike for providing a safe space to express myself artistically and meet lifelong friends.

-Paola Andino 

I have been training at DTV for 11 years now. When I started at DTV I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Of course I knew it would help me in my career but I had no idea it would also shape me into who I am today. I never expected to attend an acting class that would double as my second home and my happy place. Every time I step into that class I feel overwhelmed with love, acceptance, and a sense of community. I’ve never felt so welcomed in my entire life. In my 11 years at DTV I’ve developed life long friendships, an amazing support system, and life skills that I will have with me forever. Not to mention Antonia DeNardo has taught me literally everything I know. She works extremely hard for each and every person in that class. She believes in everyone and pushes us beyond our comfort zone. She is intelligent, understanding, and empathetic. At this point I’m convinced she is super woman. My heart is full of gratitude when I think of DTV and all the amazing things that I have benefited from just attending the class. I learn something new every time I go and better myself greatly just by showing up. #DTVLOVE is a beautiful thing and it is something I will cherish forever. ️

-Katie Kelly

I wouldn’t be anywhere without DTV. It has taught me everything I know and I wouldn’t want to train anywhere else. DTV offers a safe environment for actors at ANY level to grow and learn at their own speed. Not only do you get to train with the phenomenal Antonia DeNardo, you also get a strong and supportive family of actors that’s always excited to see you break down walls and accomplish your goals. I have made some of my best friends in this class and look forward to attending class every month. I started coming years ago with nothing but a dream, and now I’m signed with 3 agencies across the nation, worked on multiple television series, attended the Sundance Film Festival, the SXSW Film Festival and currently working on my 2nd Feature Film. Thank you DTV for everything you have done and continue to do for me and my career! Much love! 

-Spencer Stevenson

It’s hard to put into words how much DTV STUDIOS means to and has impacted our family. As a mother I am so grateful that my daughters have a safe space to create and develop as actors and human beings. They love their teachers and friends here and can’t wait for class weekends! Our older daughter YaYa started a little over 2 years ago at 7 and did double classes in addition to private coachings with Coach Taylor for the first 2 years. My goodness has it paid off! Our little one Nicolette literally grew up in the DTV waiting room and now is in classes and flourishing as well. The best thing we ever did was stumble upon this incredible acting studio which not only prepares my daughters to work in the industry but has also been a constant source of support and guidance for me since I had no experience in how to navigate the business! I could literally go on forever. Put simply, we love DTV Studios and Antonia DeNardo and owe all of our success to them! 

-Monica Mendez Gosselin

When we first started this acting journey with our daughter, it felt as if there were so many paths to take (some very wrong), and at times, extremely confusing. But then we were introduced to DTV by some friends. Finding and meeting both Antonia DeNardo and Mike Tomas has truly been a blessing! They are trustworthy, knowledgable, passionate, supportive and provide a unique place for actors to learn and grow. Our daughter, Tana, has been with DTV for over 7 years now and I can’t imagine entrusting her career to anyone else. Trust. That’s the important part for me. They have provided the knowledge, skills and training that she needs to pursue her dreams of becoming a successful & working actor. DTV is also one of the most honest, pure and creative environments that I could have ever dreamed of for her. It’s a safe place, without judgement or embarrassment - something all actors need. And my daughter has not only received excellent training, but Antonia has helped her find that internal strength and power to reach for the stars. Yes...It takes a lot of hard work, anything worth having usually is, but with the right people behind her, she can maintain her vision and always know that nothing is impossible and any obstacle can be overcome. Thank you for all that you do for us - all the time. We will always owe a debt of gratitude to DTV. Thank you Antonia for being the best of the best and being a positive role model and constant force for my daughter. Thank you for the countless hours, tough love, motivation, encouragement, and inspiration. We love our DTV family. 

-Denise Cross

I first discovered DTV back in 2010 at an industry workshop and knew immediately this was the place for me. Antonia’s honest approach to coaching was completely refreshing. I didn’t need to be sold the dream, because I already had it. What I needed was someone who could teach me the skill sets on how to actually achieve it. That is what makes DTV very unique. DTV’s learning environment is equally as nurturing as it is challenging. Coming from a sports background, this was especially important to me. I needed a place where I felt safe to explore and fail but could also be challenged enough to grow and improve. DTV classes are comprised of mixed levels, divided by age groups. Just like in the real world, you are surrounded by people who are more or less experienced than you. This style of class allows the beginners and the pros to progress exponentially. So whether or not you’re just wanting to build your confidence or pursue this career at the highest level, DTV will help you get there. I went from an eager but unsure girl with a hopeful dream to a very competitive and confident actress booking leads in films. 

-Taylor Murphy


DTV has been a part of our life for over 9 years. We wouldn’t be where we are now without their help and guidance. My oldest daughter Aileen grew so much with DTV they pushed her and helped her get out of her comfort zone in acting. Even though we are not in Texas anymore, if we need help they are just a call away and every time we are in town my girls make sure to stop by and take a class and visit. DTV is not like any other acting studio it’s more like a family. We love DTV so much and are so grateful to be a part of the family! 

-Adriana Davila

Antonia DeNardo and DTV have provided my daughter Natalie with incredible acting instruction, support and encouragement. They have helped Natalie grow personally, as well as in her acting.  DTV has provided a safe and encouraging environment to learn and develop.  Antonia and DTV are there to remind how important it is to continue to train and not wish for it, work for it.  Also, that acting success isn’t a sprint it’s a journey and everyone’s path may be different.    

-Serena Precht

My sons Rocco and Frankie are so happy to be a part of DTV! They are receiving the most excellent training and from the first day were welcomed completely into the DTV family! The environment is the best of the best and we can’t thank Antonia, Mike, Taylor and the entire staff enough for the way they guide our boys. It is truly the best experience and Rocco and Frankie look forward to continuing to grow and develop through the top-notch coaching provided at DTV. 

-Cristin Leoni

A little over six years, ago, we discovered DTV Studios and our actors, Soleil and Aidan are consistently training at this facility.  The entire staff is professional, kind, knowledgeable and candid regarding the tv/film industry. Mike, Taylor, Meagan, Lesley and all the coaches make the arduous process of auditioning and mastering their scenes exciting and fun. Our thespians are learning in a supportive, helpful and nurturing environment with the clear expectation to do the work that is required to be successful in the business. Antonia DeNardo takes the time to give each student precise and direct feedback on their scenes in a positive way.  Through their training at the studio, Soleil and Aidan have developed a passion for acting and they are eager to vigorously excel in their DTV classes. This studio is their home away from home when it comes to pursuing a career in TV and Film. Our artists are lucky to call everyone, including other actors at DTV as part of their family! We are so grateful that DTV is part of our journey and a strong partner for our kids into the entertainment industry.

-Raji and Christine Singh

Since joining DTV Studios my kids have not only regained confidence in themselves and their acting abilities, they have grown leaps and bounds not just as actors but as people. The environment is so positive and uplifting and everyone is there for each other no matter what. The aids and Antonia lead from the front and are always a text or phone call away and never let us down when it comes to coaching, taping or just needing that extra pep talk. We are so happy here with our DTV family and cannot wait to see where our kids futures take them! 

-Lindsay Machado

I don’t know where to begin... when I started acting I was a theater actor who knew I wanted to act for tv/film but didn’t know where to start... Finding Antonia and DTV has changed my life and acting career! I’ve grown so much as an actor and I feel so confident walking into ANY audition or workshop! DTV teaches you not only how to act but about the business side as well. I’m not the same person that I was when I started. Because of DTV I have booked guest star roles on MTV, and supporting roles on Lifetime films and countless commercials. I can’t speak highly enough of DTV! 

-Chris Floyd

DTV is more than just a simple acting class. It is a protected zone where you can feel safe to be yourself, be heard, and learn how to use your own personal strengths and experiences to grow as an actor. I have been attending DTV for over ten years now and have not regretted that decision once. When I started, I was unsure how the film industry worked and was never confident in my acting or auditions. Today, I know I am a strong actor and know the industry as though it were an extension of myself. I have grown tremendously, not only as an actor, but as a person. DTV uses individualized approaches that provide results and the skills you need to give stellar performances. I could write a novel on how much taking classes here has changed my life, but the best way to find out is to experience the #dtvlove for yourself!

-Meagan Noel

As long as I can remember from being a little girl, acting has been my heart and soul. I was extremely shy in my youth and acting pushed me out of my shell full force in so many ways. In doing so, I found DTV at a young age to increase my abilities and keep my acting muscles honed on an ongoing basis. I’ve been surrounded with a multitude of immensely talented actors and worked alongside many celebrity, veteran actors that I admire and looked up to. I attribute my past, present, and future success to Antonia and DTV - From classes and workshops to representation and booking. It’s a hard industry but if you REALLY want it and are willing to put in the work, Antonia’s guidance will push your skills and mindset to DREAM BIG!

-Madison David

DTV has been a constant in my life since I was 12 years old. It has helped shape me not only into the actress I am, but the woman I am as well. I would not have been able to book roles without the guidance and care of my DTV family. I’ve been attending class for 13 years and every day I’m just as excited as I was on day one. I truly cannot express my gratitude enough for Antonia and everything I have learned and will continue to learn at DTV!

-Cameron Inman 

DTV has been an integral part of my growth as an actress. Antonia has been hugely responsible for many of the successes I've had in my career, and the skills I learned at DTV have been incredibly helpful throughout my acting journey. The supportive community that DTV fosters is absolutely invaluable and has had a huge impact on me, not only as an actress, but as a person. In my time at DTV, I have found lifelong friendships, connected with industry professionals, and made meaningful memories. I am so grateful to Antonia and my DTV family for giving me all of these wonderful gifts! DTV is hands down the best acting school in Texas and I am forever thankful to be a part of this uniquely supportive and creative community of actors!

-Ainsley Bailey