Spencer Boldman

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Mike Tomas

Mike Tomas began his career in the entertainment business as an actor, but has been behind the camera in many capacities now for almost 20 years. He opened a talent agency in Dallas in 1994, The Tomas Agency Inc., which was considered one of the most successful boutique agencies in the Southwest. After selling his agency in 2007, Mike partnered with Antonia DeNardo at DTV and helped develop Millennium Artists. Mike’s background as an agent and actor enables him to share his experiences both on the creative and business side of the entertainment business. At DTV his goal is to prepare the actor for the audition process, as well as for the success and disappointments that are part of being a professional actor. Mike was motivated to get back on the teaching side of the acting business after his experience as an agent left him realizing that too many young actors that had been training for years, were not properly educated. Along with Antonia DeNardo, he is committed to training and developing actors to work at the highest level.



Taylor Murphy

Taylor Murphy has been a working actress since 2010. Her credits include The Lionsgate Films Nightlight and Maggie, Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some!!, AMC’s Preacher, Lifetime Movie’s Overexposed and One Small Indiscretion, ABC’s The Middle, MTV’s Awkward, Scream, and Sweet/Vicious, Nickelodeon’s Bucket and Skinners Epic Adventures, and films such as The Starving Games, Barefoot, You People, and Forsaken. Her most recent credits include a lead role in the remake of Little Women, coming to theaters later this fall, and the lead in the Lifetime Movie, Cheerleader Killer, which will be released in 2018. Her national commercials include a spot in 7-elevens Shark Week and the most recent national Coca-Cola campaign, airing all over now. When Taylor is not on a film or television set, she is either training on-going at DTV with Antonia DeNardo, or she is coaching and taping actors for various film and TV projects. Many of Taylor’s students are working regularly and have gotten callbacks, producers’ sessions, directors’ sessions, and bookings with her guidance and coaching. Taylor’s passion for coaching includes teaching others audition and camera technique, script analysis, and connecting to characters on an in-depth level.



Meagan Noel

Meagan Noel is a resident DTV actor and coach from a small town in East Texas. Starting from a background in theatre, she was a part of various  live stage productions as a child before transitioning into film acting at age 13 and has been perfecting the craft ever since. While she originally saw herself exclusively as a dramatic actor, over time through training, she has gained the confidence and skill set that has sharpened her comedy skills that resulted in a desire to be a well-rounded actor with a career in both genres. Meagan is passionate about helping others to see the fun in acting and find their inner confidence that will help guide them through the rest of their career.