DTV is very excited to announce the famous Gray Studios Make-A-Movie Camps will be in Dallas this summer! Come make a movie for IMDB credit and get demo reel footage!

Participants get to be in a professional movie that they also help make! Each Camp is broken up into smaller groups within the larger camp and we make more than one film so each attendee has a great role. Actors also get IMDB credit and copy of the film for their demo reel! When they are not rehearsing, or filming we work on improv, interview and commercial classes too. There will be various classes each camp week! 

As an added bonus each week we have a celebrity guest to answer questions about the acting business via skype (sometimes depending on schedule in person) to talk about the biz and to send autographed pictures. For Dallas camps we will mail signed headshots! 

At the end of 2018 we will have a fabulous red carpet premiere that includes: celebs and industry pros picking best films, red carpet photos, and the winning film gets submitted to a film festival!

Download and share the flier for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Make-a-Movie Camps Information


June 18th-22nd

July 23rd-27th

Camp Cost

• Cost is $650 for the week 

• 10% off special for early sign up by APRIL 30th!

• Sibling discount $100 off

Camp Schedule

Monday: 10am to 3pm

Tuesday & Wednesday: 10am to 4pm 

Thursday & Friday: 10am to 6pm


DTV Studios

1720 South Edmonds Lane

Lewisville, TX

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